The new eco duck house

What lucky runner ducks we have. The new eco duck house arrived this week and it’s great!

Each house is made to order entirely out of recycled plastic with a roof that opens easily for cleaning and vents on the back. The house keep the ducks cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The house has definitely surpassed our expectations and I think the chickens will have their own version in the very near future.

If anyone wants the contact details for the people who made it for us give us a shout. This one was £150 including delivery (April 2013) and you can have the option to have it delivered fully assembled at no extra cost.




Duck eggs at last

The recent mild weather spell has had a great effect on our egg production and the runner ducks are finally earning their keep. Charlie and I thought we would put the duck eggs to the test and make in Charlie’s words ‘a huge chocolate cake with LOTS of icing’

Here it is, and yes duck eggs really do make cracking cakes!

Can anyone spot a cheeky little beak in the bottom left side of the cake photo? Georgie the parrot is rather partial to a cake crumb…..