All about us: is a small family pet sitting business run by me (Adele) and helped by my husband Jon and our teenage son Charlie. We are now in our 11th year of serving the local community.

Our pets include our family dogs; Winnie the working fox red Labrador, rescue dog Teddy who is a recent addition to the family via Black Retriever X Rescue as well as our lovely mix of Chickens.

If, like us you worry about your feathered and furry friends when you are away and want to make sure they are well fed and safely tucked in each night then you have come to the right place!

We realised it can be surprisingly difficult to arrange good value holiday or daily care .  A lot of pets are very easy to care for often simply needing some fresh food and water, a bit of attention and a locked door at night, yet you cannot always rely on neighbours and friends as they have busy lives too.

Hence was born. We aim to provide holiday care for a wide range of animals, we hope to keep the service personal and really good value .